Keep Breathing – For This Too Shall Pass!

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Edge.” I could choose to travel – the easy road on this one; to just answer ” writing will keep me “On the Edge.” Because the fact is, once I start writing, I tend to forget all my problems. That’s when the humor treats from me automatically kicks in. Strangest dilemma is, I don’t even know where it was hiding. Mr. Humor just pops out, like a clown, and takes over. Sometimes I wonder if it’s an invisible Guru tickling me, resulting in what I write. Regardless, of its origin, shape, type, or gender; my soul truly rejoices, and I’m truly grateful for its friendship.

However, while humor may enhance my interaction with my PC, my blog; I’m compelled to admit, what truly keeps me “On the Edge” is  life itself. Yes,  I first have to find the motivation to keep breathing. Keep living. And just take it  one day at the time;  while convincing myself: “This too shall pass!”

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