“Gan-Ma, I like you colorful!”

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“Grand-Ma, you don’t have to wear makeup. You look beautiful just the way you are.” That was my grand-daughter’s plead, as we were getting ready to go to our favorite craft store. Of course, my grand-son did not agree with her.

“An hen Gan-Ma,  “I like you colorful!”

 “Really. But what do you mean by colorful?” I asked him.

“You dow Gan-Ma, when you have liptik, pooder on your face.” And as he grabbed one of my hair bow, he continued: “ And when you put “this” on your hair, it makes you look so booootiful Gan-Ma! So Boooootiful!.

My grand-daughter answered, as if she was annoyed by his interest: “You are a boy, what do you know about make up? Anyway, you don’t say colorful, what you just mentioned is “Makeup, not colorful; “Which” YOU don’t know anything about.”

He screamed back: “Yes I do. Yes I do..” And, when I grow up, I’m going to marry a girl just like Gan-Ma!” Then, as he points his finger to my grey hair, he said “Gan-Ma, I want her to have white hair just like you too.”

-You mean, you want your wife to have grey hair as well?”

-An-han! Just like you. I wander her to have liptik, pooder, gayhair too.”

“Honey, she will be much too young to have grey hair. I have grey hair because I’m getting old.” I told him.

And my grand-daughter added: “Grand-Ma has grey hair because she had children too.”

My grandson then responded: Ok Gan-Ma. I will marry the old girl, and I’m going to tave a lot of children too. Bcauz I want her to have gay hair too.”

Then I answered him: “No, she does not need to be old my love. With the children, the grey hair should start popping out, just like pop-corn cooking in the microwave. And chances are,  if the children are little angels just like you guys, she will become even more beautiful in her old age. However, if they eventually grow horns,  she will look like an old rag. So take it easy on the number of children.”

“Really Gan-ma?”

“Words of honor my love!”

 “Hihihihihih!” They both thought it was sooo funny.

“Life is full of surprise my love. Life is full of surprise!”  



One thought on ““Gan-Ma, I like you colorful!”

    swajithkas said:
    June 8, 2015 at 8:24 am

    “Life is full of surprise my love. Life is full of surprise!”
    Yes, you are absolutely right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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