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Usually, it’struggle for my grand-children to wake for school. Yesterday, was their last day of school, so last night, my daughter extended their bed time; when they finally went to bed, it was nearly eleven.

Of course I was thrilled. The simple fact is, I knew they would be EXHAUSTED, and if I’m lucky enough, they will remain in bed till at least nine o’clock. ”Thank You God!” Time will be in my favor, so I could: “write – write – write!”

IN MY DREAM, Of course!  Guess who woke up, bright and shining this morning? The youngest one. Keep in mind, it would normally require  my wake up call programmed  from my cell phone to sing at least six sets of: “Good morning! Good morning! Houhouhouhou! Good morning, good morning, gooooodmorning;” before they finally wake up. Additionally, to finally see one little smile from my grand-son as he wakes up, I have to beg, kiss , hug, you name it!

But this morning, it was a whole different ball game. “He” woke up all by himself. Then the first question he asked me was: “Gan-ma, do I go to kool today?”

-“No Dimy, today you have no school.”

To my surprise, he immediately jumped up, as he opened both of his arms to give me a big hug. Then he squeezed his tiny face against mine, in order to give me a long kiss. Then with his tiny legs, he started jumping all over the bed. Simultaneously, he was inspired to create at least four different songs, with the following words:

“No – kool- today!

No –kool today! Yes – yes – yes!

Ga-ma – I dove you!

I-dove you!

Mammy – I dove you!

Daddy – I dove you!

No – kool – today!”

Afterward he jumped on his sister’s bed. Made few attempts to wake her up, but did not succeed. So he screamed:

“Wo up! Wo up!” But she certainly did not find that amusing.

-“Leave me alone! There is no school today. Why should I wake up?”

“Bekose Ga-ma taid “no kool today,” so, wo up! Wo up!

-“Leave – Me- ALONE!!!” She screamed back at him.

So he walked back toward me and said: “Gan-ma, Sh does nod want – to wo up.”

“Why should she wake up so early in the morning, when there is no school today? I asked him.

He shook his head as if he was the last genius remained on earth. Then he opened both of his arms to say:

“Gan-ma, youk at me! YOUK AT ME!!!  Do I haf to tell hou this?” When no kool, I can PLAY- pla- PLAY!!!”


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