A Divine Appointment

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“I promise to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.” So this is my meditating experience moment.

On Tuesday afternoon, I entered the wrong classroom. I don’t know what happened that day, but for some reason I thought it was already Wednesday when I normally attend my script class. To my surprise, instead of my heavy set male Caucasian teacher, it was a beautiful older Indian decent lady, with a white outfit siting on the chair. Assuming she was an angel, I asked her: “Who are you?” Pleasantly she smiled, then answered me: “Hello! My name is Sheila, and I’m your teacher for the meditation class.” “Meditation? I replied. In the most soothing tone, she answered back. “Yes. We offer this class free of charge here.”

After I confirmed she was not an angel, we both concluded being stupid on my part, to have driven thirty minutes to a class on the wrong day, was probably “no coincidences.” That made me feel much better. So when I finally entered the class a few minutes later, immediately my attention was drawn to the tiny sparkles of red light being projected on the wall. So I thought to myself: “That’s a nice inspiration for my next painting!” Her soothing voice drew me back to reality when she said, “ Why don’t you have a sit? What’s your name?” I answered her, “My name is Nadège.” “Wow! She exclaimed. “Did you know your name was an Indian name?” I honestly felt like answering her “That’s a first!” But, in all honesty, who would not want to be identified with those Indian Goddess? Have you seen how gorgeous those women are? But I could not help the thought of my father, who once mentioned, that “our great…grand-mother, past infinity  time was Indian. I never really attempted to debate that conversation with him. Which, till this day, I’m convinced he was probably just trying to mold my husband into believing that, I did not cheat on him, when my daughter came out looking like a giant, with long curly hair, and dark skinned similar to an Indian. Taking into consideration, both I and my husband are African/Haitian with our hair so course, that even Brillo could not defeat us in a pot cleaning competition.  You know the metal made stuff one uses to scrub and clean the pots, after cooking for your in laws? So now, you can understand where I’m coming from.   No, I did not cheat on my husband. No, my daughter was not exchanged with another baby, while being in the hospital room. Now that she is older, I can honestly say I do see some common resemblance. Although it has to be during the full moon, and as long as I stand from a certain angle!!!

So, back to my story. I’m now occupying the center chair in the meditation classroom. I was told by Sheila “to ignore all the other tiny little lights being projected on the wall, but “to remain focus on that bright light Nadege, because as you focus on the center light, which is your soul, you are being drawn closer, and closer to your Creator.” After I heard that, I hurried up as I got up from the chair near the door, and rushed to sit on the chair right in the center of the class. Soon, the class was full of victims. Some were household occupants. I even heard them calling each other brother, and sister. “Great!” I thought. “Just what I needed. My father had twenty four children, and I still can’t even recall all their names. Do I need anymore brethren?”

Just about that time, Sheila continued: “Make yourself comfortable, and relax. Meditation is good for the souououl. It gives you inner peaeace. I nodded my head positively, in agreement with her. She smiled back at me, then said “It also gives you guidance, healing, and may contribute to world peace.” “Wow!” I thought to myself. “This is just what I needed!” By then, I was convince the universe itself summoned me to that class. “Yes! I’m here for a purpose. There are no coincidences!”

At last sheila said: “Which music do you guys want to start with today, “I have “Forever Happiness…? ……? “Before she could call out another title, like a child watching a Cinderella show in Walt Disney, I raised both my voice and my hand when I said:  “I want to hear the forever Happiness!” So everyone harmoniously agreed with my choice. I felt so relieved. At last, I found a common ground with many.

Then, the music started playing. That’s when I heard: “Ting! —————–Ting!                  —————Ting!” “What the hell?” I though to myself. Then after after about ten minutes, and all the “Ting” one can imagine hearing in one day, she placed another CD. It was a woman voice saying: “Imagine you are traveling, far, far, faaaaaar aaaawayayayay!”After the first sentence, while I was honestly still trying to focus on the center light, which I was told was my soul. With my eyes wide open, I was still expecting to feeeeel the experience. I kinda closed my eyes, a couple times, and took a few deep breath. Nothing happened. I even picked at the others to see how they were behaving, tried to mimic them, not a zilch.  After a few more minutes, I noted on their faces, the man called hypnotized was obviously either standing next to them, or currently interacting with them.  While I wondered why he did not pay me a visit as well, with his prejudice self? Up to that point,  I again heard another “Ting!———– Ting!” And the woman voice came back saying: “ Imagine you are floating….” That’s when  I saw Jesus running after me. But since he couldn’t keep up with me, he took his shoes off so he could catch up with me. But I eventually got tired of making him run so fast, since I’m after all a very compassionate person. So I stopped and turn toward Him, and said: “Lord, every time I see you running after me, you always have the same message for me “Go preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead,  and you will never forsake me.” The Lord kindly answered me: “Yes. You are right. And you still have not answered my calling. However, this time I came to you in this dream to help you wake up! Because you are snoring so loud in this meditation class, you are disturbing the brethren.”  

So you understand my dilemma. Here I was, in the middle of a meditation class, and I was snoring so loud, that even God had to come down to wake me up . However, what He did not tell me was the fact that at the end of the cession, each person was supposed to delightfully express their experience.

The first person said: “Oh! My soul was just rejoicing in this peaceful flow. I saw myself traveling miles away, truly a healing experience.”

The second person said: “I can still feel the inner peace. I feel so drawn to my creator right now, what an unbelievably joyful experience.”

The third person said: “God unlimited good flows to me and trough me during this mediation; truly an awesome experience!”

I was the fourth person, so with the same tone of voice I said:

 “Honestly, after the forth “TING!” I saw myself travelling to a lononong journey. I felt such comfort, such peace; as if I was sleeping, and my soul was just resting in the Lord! To make it more convincing, I then placed my left hand on my chest, and took a long deep breath, and said: “Hahhhhhhh! I needed that!!!”  

“You see! Said Sheila. “ I told you, you were not here by coincidence!”  

“Oh! I AGREE!” I answered her with a nice peaceful smile.



2 thoughts on “A Divine Appointment

    swajithkas said:
    May 15, 2015 at 9:23 am

    What I told you the more you practice the more you will enjoy it, am I right or not????????????
    Now eagerly awaiting to read from you……………….
    Wishing you all the best……………………..

    Liked by 1 person

    laughtermedicineforthesoul responded:
    May 15, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    You are right! I truly enjoy writing, and my fear is slowly dissipating.

    Have a great day!


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