“Stop Tidding Me Gamma!”

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“What The …?”

“This is not a nice expression, so don’t you repeat it again!” I told my grandson.

“Han hen Gamma. Jesus taid that.”

“No, Jesus would never say something like that, because this is not nice.”

“Yes he tid Gamma! I hord t’him taid that in my TV. The man with a lonng lonng t’hair!”

“Well! The man with the long long hair, probably was not Jesus. Maybe he was the devil.”

“The Tevil? He t’have lonnnng hair Gamma?” He asked me with a shocking look on his face.

So I answered him: “They claimed he has long horns, long teeth, long nails, so he probably has long hair too.”

To my surprise, my grandson had dropped himself on the floor as he laughed, then said:

“You are so tunny. “Stop tidding me Gamma!!!”

Nadège Moïse

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