Definition of Money

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He held the dollar bill in his hand, simultaneously rubbing it against his face. “Dimy,” I said. “This money is dirty, you don’t know where it came from, and so you should never rub it against your face.”

-“No gamma, tis is not durdy, because tis is not money.” He replied.

-“What do you mean “this is not money? Of course this is money!”

– “Han hen! Tis is not money. Tis is a dollar Gamma.”

“Ok. So if this is not money, what do you think money is? I asked him. That’s when he grabbed my purse, placed his tiny hand inside there  to look for “money.” While all along he kept on saying:

“Where it tis again? Where it tis again? Got it Gamma!”

He then raised a quarter up with his hand, when at last he said with a big smile:

“Tis is money Gamma!”

Nadège Moïse


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