The Meeting Spot – Surrender & Destiny

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Ok. So this is the latest update from my corner.

I started feeling very sorry for myself this morning. My husband left me. Well! Let me clarify. My husband didn’t really leave me, I left. But, I think my dilemma would sound more pitiful if I said, “He left me.”  Besides, I wanted God to feel sorry for me.

So this was my prayer to God:

“Ok God. I’m desperate. Where are you? My husband left me. I lost my job, my children failed me, they stole my dog, my cat bite me, and,”

“Wo! Wo! Wo! Say no more. I feel you!”  God answered.

“Hew! What a relief!” I thought. Then I heard:

“So, what do you intend to do?”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “What do I intend to do?” You are God, aren’t you? YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

He answered, “Welllllll! You, Oh dear. Sorry, but I have another call.” “Meet Me at the intersection where “surrender” cross “destiny.” No need to call me then, “I will SHOW UP!

“God! God! Goaaaaaaad! Are you kidding me? I’m in the fire here!

“And just where you needed to be!” He whispered.

So I screamed from the top of my lungs. “Are you for real?”

He answered: “Yes, “I AM!” I got your attention, didn’t I?”

“Remember our meeting spot. Got to go!”

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