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Happy New Year!!!


Saving you a trip to the Library!

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Ok. Picture this: Here I came to the library for some peace of mind, with the hope to revise my essay DUE IN A COUPLE DAYS. But, guess what? I can’t. Why? Because four ladies decided to turn the library into a conference room, so they can discuss their genealogy. Plus there is a DJ rehearsing his music for his graveyard shift tonight. Well, I’m guessing on this one.

But,  don’t’ forget the guy sitting not too far from the ladies who is constantly burping. I mean, he burps so loud that one would think our Bldg was just crashed by a bomb.

Just about an hour here, now I can tell the loudest woman  was married to a Jew, who lived in Germany. She washes her hair with some herbal plants. Her tub was leaking. She was in the army; she’s been 62… all her life… Although the doctors said she’ll never walk, but “That’s fine, I walk everywhere now!”  Oh yes! She went back to work in October… and so on – and so on! Lord have mercy on me.

The second one: “Usually don’t follow doctor’s order…” Perhaps why she has enough time to listen to the tall german looking woman.  The.other one sitting across her is  Mexican descent. The third one is a bit quiet, but I think she claimed she’s been here all her life; possibly Indian bloodline and diabetic.

The.other one sitting across her is  Mexican descent. The third one is a bit quiet, but I think she claimed she’s been here all her life; possibly Indian bloodline and she is diabetic.

Now the loudest among the four claimed “She wakes up at 5:00 A.M. in the morning. Then heads toward the kitchen to start boiling her egg – before she gets  dressed…. No wonder she has so much time to disturb us here.  OMG! She still going on!!!

By the way, when did the library became a conference room? I feel like screaming here:


OMG! Now she’s a cook, teaching the rest of the prospects chefs  her culinary expertise – LOUDLY.

I give up! All that food talk is making me hungry.

Ok. So it’s about an hour and a half later. Now she’s sharing her “Femme sage” history during her delivery. WITH EXPLICIT DETAILS.

OMG! I will never have another child again!

Anyway, whoever said the library was supposed to be quiet?

Ok So now that I saved you guys a trip from the  Library, enjoy the rest of the day. Going home to write my novel.


Feeling Blah!!!

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Sorry folks! I’ve been feeling a bit BLAHHHH lately, so my humor cup had to be replenished. But today, I thought I would just pay you guys a visit, just to say “Hello!”

Before I leave, let me share a couple quotes I read today. Just in case some of you might  be faced with the same predicament. I don’t guarantee a permanent thrill, but at least, I hope it will be a sprinkle of light to sparkle your day ever for just a few seconds.


“Thinking, “Here goes nothing,” could be the start of everything.”
—Drew Wagner


“Bad stuff happens. Sometimes it makes no sense at all. Sometimes it’s unfair. Sometimes, it just plain sucks. Bad stuff happens sometimes. Always remember that you have to move on somehow. You just pick your head up and stare at something beautiful like the sky, or the ocean, and you move the hell on.”
—James Patterson

My answer? “Yeah right! Easy for you to say!”

Just kidding of course! In fact, after reading them, I felt much better. Well, at least for a second. That’s why I decided to  soak myself in my blue tub. Well, as you may notice my room is still a mess, but at least it’s a good start.

In fact, I was encouraged by after I read them, at least for a few seconds. Afterward,  I decided to  soak myself in my blue tub. Well, as you may notice my room is still a mess, but at least it’s a good start. Don’t you think?


Ok. So she’s a caucasian woman, while I am and African American – Or should I say instead “I’m an African/Haïtian. Either way, so what? At least you got my grip!

Yes, this is muy latest painting. Hope you enjoy it!

And, “YES!”  I’m feeling much better now; refreshed and ready for new challenges.


We Are What We Read

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Strange Delight

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Busy writing my essays, so the next few days I will be REBLOG-GING!!!


It’s about four A.M. and I just can’t manage to fall asleep. So  I thought I would make myself a cup of tea before I rushed in the garage, to start working on my next painting.

Yes, moments like this, with nostalgia encroaching my soul,I find my refuge in my artwork. For as soon as I start painting, it feels as if I’m diving myself into a soothing enchanting bath.
Of course,  my cup of  chamomile tea often helps.  However, as soon as  grab a hold of my canvas and my brushes I can feel the atmosphere changing; electrifying by the spirit of creativity. This thought comes to mind “Anything is possible”.

“Oh dear friend, where have you been?”  I’ll say.

“Are you talking to me you lazy brat – Do you know how long we’ve been trying to get your attention  to finish this work you’ve started?”
“Ok, ok!…

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Blessing In Disguise

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Yesterday it occurred to me that ninety percent of all  my paintings were portraying either a pregnant woman or a mother holding a baby. Well, I did paint a father with her baby girl once. so I have to conclude that there must be something special about children in general that bring the best out of me. So I had to ask myself, “Whats wrong with that picture?

Yes, I love children. They are so genuine and so hilarious, they truly make me smile, even at my worst state. But now, I want to forget the joyful days of motherhood. My girls are grown, and I doubt if they spend a second of their time reminiscing on the old fun days. Now it’s time to focus on my retirement, so I can enjoy the few days I have left .

So, I said to myself, “Going forward, I don’t care if children  are angels or demons, I’m changing gear. Yes, no more display of tender love between a mother and her innocent little baby. Or a father’s joy and pride, while showing off her little girl.

And Yes I meant it!!!

So, check out my latest painting entitled: “Blessing In Disguise”







And, this time, “I MEANT IT!!!

Mind Boggling Sight

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“Oh crap, I’m DEAD MEAT!!!


Picture from “Interesting and Amazing World”


“Mighty Good Mood!”

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I saw an angel today. He was pissing in my back yard. And, since I was in a mighty good mood, I just asked him;

“Hey! What your do-yin?”

He replied,

“Non’ of your business!”

He pissed me off.

So I replied,

    “Look ATOLLA JELLYFISH, don’t you dare get smart with me, OK!”      atolla jellyfish

He answered,

“And, you VAMPIRE SQUID, you better buzz off!!!”

I don’t know what was wrong with him?

“Perhaps a bad day?”  I asked him.

He just stood there staring at me.

I found myself so angry at him that, I plucked off some of his feathers. But, I soon lived to regret it.

angels feathers

He grabbed my hands, and swung my body above his head, like a weightless dry leave.

Drowning’ down the lake behind him, I started screamin’


Then, he smoothly turned around and smiled. Effortlessly, he rescued me at the blink of an eye.

So I said,

  “Now that I see you close, you sure are lookin’ good!”

He answered,

“Of course! I just saved your butt, so now you’re flattering ME!”

“Oh please!   You wingless giant; weren’t you just doin’ your JOB!!!”

He immediately turned himself into A FIRE BUSH, and scared the hell out of me.

Furthermore, he grabbed me by my legs this time as he was ready to use me like a tennis ball.

That’s when I yelled,

“Ahh-AHH! “Ok! I take it back!”

When he dropped me back, I bounced like a ping pong ball. Trust me.

Then he answered me in creole,

“Ou ti madichon, m’pral palé papa’w pou ou!”

“Hold on! ” I yelled. “You do speak English, don’t you?”

“And?” He replied with an attitude.


   “You little curse child, Gon-na tell your Pap on you!”

So  I chucked. I wasn’t scared of HIM!

And, while I nod my head, with my hands on my hips;

I answered,

“Well, you sure ain’t the first, and certainly will not be the last!”

The feather giant got so angry, that after he glued my lips, He left me hanging on a tree.

So, I mmmmed,

“MmMmMm! MmMmMm! MmMmMm!”

He answered in creole,

Ou ti madichon, map kité bouda’w pandyé!!!”


“You little curse child, I’m leaving your butt hanging!”

This time ,  he really  meant it.

 So, finally, when I realized I was doomed, I begin to stump on the tree branches, till I fell down directly on his head.

To my surprise, my lips were instantly unglued. So I immediately grabbed a hold of his neck, start choking the life out of him.

While I yelled,

   “Bless me before you go! Bless me before you go!     Just like you did to Jacob!”

When he tried to grab a hold of my hip, I rolled over his back and start plucking off his feathers.

Then I yelled again,

   “Bless me like you did Jacob! Bless me before you go”

He was so annoyed, of course! But, did I care?

“Of course not!”

So before he flew away he finally answered me in creole again.

“Sou tè sa ou pral viv pasé santèn; nou pa bezwen ti madichon nan syèl la!!!”

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”  I yelled while leaping for joy.

Then, I stopped.

“Hold on! What did he saiy?


“On this earth, you live to be over a hundred years old.    Because heaven is reluctant to welcome the curse ones!”

The end.


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Present – Past & Future Tenses

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An elderly teacher asked his students:

“If I say “I am beautiful”  which verb tense is that?

One of the students answered back:

“Assuredly the “Past tense” Madame!!!”